What About Raymond Weil Watches? How About A Raymond Weil Watch?

About Raymond Weil
  Raymond Weil is a family company founded by Mr. Raymond Weil under his own name in 1976. In less than 40 years, this company full of extraordinary creativity and sense of time has become an internationally renowned Swiss brand.
  Mr. Raymond Weil has always been able to consolidate the rapid development of the company’s business with its unique charm and extraordinary leadership, and has established a solid and independent distribution network in 86 countries across five continents. Every Raymond Weil watch is definitely worth the money. The brand’s unique personality is positioned on the perfect combination of modern fashion and traditional classics to meet the needs of young customers who pursue traditional classic designs.
  Mr. Olivier Bernheim joined in 1982, transforming Raymond Weil from a small company into an internationally renowned brand with a family identity. At the same time, the image of Raymond Weil’s original designer watches has gradually developed into a complete brand of its own. The number of watch styles has been greatly reduced and replaced by a vivid design series. With its superb Swiss watchmaking technology and knowledge, and always keeping abreast of the development of new technology, Raymond Weil adheres to product innovation, advocating outstanding watchmaking technology and quality, so it is renowned for its watchmaking and tasteful customers Favorite.
  With long-term support from its solid and reliable distribution channels, Raymond Weil is now not only a well-known brand, but also a true watchmaking company. She focused on using her strengths to continuously improve her products, which made Raymond Weil face a number of new competitors in international watchmaking today and still have a place in the market. In addition, Raymond Weil has always maintained the characteristics of its family business, which is an important advantage in the watchmaking industry today.
  For the past 30 years, Raymond Weil has been constantly evolving with the harmonious coexistence of excellence and innovation. Each design is a perfect combination of enthusiasm and precision, but also the result of the long-term hard development of the collection of people’s technical experience and surging creativity.
  Since its inception, Raymond Weil has been focusing on design to reflect the brand’s core values: warmth, sensuality, freehandness and harmony. Raymond Weil designers successfully interpret these values ​​with the materials they choose, the beautiful lines, the pursuit of balance and unity, and the attention to detail. Indeed, it is the pure weight that gives the Raymond Weil watch its distinctive personality.
  However, Raymond Weil’s design is not limited to its appearance. Raymond Weiss watches are sentimental objects: objects that come into direct contact with the skin. As a result, Raymond Weil’s designers focus on watch wear, considering how it is worn on the wrist and whether the wearer feels comfortable.
  This approach is in line with the brand’s concept of ‘function first, shape supplement’. A watch is always based on the movement, which determines the size, thickness and volume of the watch. In view of this, the design has become a visual expression of the interior and perfect connotation of the watch, giving the watch a unique and distinctive personality.
  By the same token, design is not an independent individual. From the initial pencil sketch to the finished technical specifications, the design incorporates a series of interrelated steps. Raymond Weil’s designers and technicians work hand in hand, relying on their enthusiasm and curiosity for watches, from time to time come up with new ideas, so that their performance continues to improve.
  Since the brand was founded, Raymond Weil has been pursuing perfection and made the brand internationally renowned. Keeping abreast of technological advances, the Geneva-based family company has established the most modern and advanced research and development centre in the Swiss watchmaking industry.
  In this department, designers and engineers work closely together from the first sketch, sample trials, technical planning, to every stage of the production process.
  How did the watch come into being under their efforts? When receiving the most important data from the management and marketing department, the design and production plan of the new watch began.
  Raymond Weil uses a computer-aided 3D design system to introduce new product ideas and create digital models based on a marketing briefing. At the beginning, the engineer first draws the basic geometric shape, and then creates a virtual entity with three-dimensional processing. The computer’s function at this stage is like the extension of the designer’s hand, so that the design can meet the required technical specifications. Equipped with an interpretation device with a high degree of truth, computer software can conduct in-depth research on materials and consider how its physical characteristics affect the appearance and weight of the watch.
  At each stage in the development of a new model, a technical plan that includes the most precise details can be developed, and the relevant production processes can be precisely determined. The research and development department is also equipped with a wax mold machine for casting three-dimensional samples. According to the technical specifications of the product, a clear three-dimensional sample with an accuracy of 0.01 mm is cast, allowing engineers to specifically review and finalize the design.
  The establishment of this department allows Raymond Weil to focus more precisely on the details of watchmaking.
What about Raymond Weil watches?
  Netizen evaluation one: Raymond Weil and Longines, Oris are basically a grade. The style is relatively simple and not cumbersome, but the price is also expensive.
  Netizen evaluation two: Raymond Weil is a small family business with good quality and high cost performance.
  Netizen evaluation three: Raymond Weil watches, the price range is a lot coincide with or close to Longines, the grade is not low, but personally, if you choose the right watch, it is better to choose Longines. There are many styles of waves, and there is more room for choice.
  Netizen evaluation 4: Raymond Weil’s watches entered the domestic market relatively late, and their popularity is average. The workmanship and materials of the watch are much worse than other big names. Relatively cheaper.
  Netizen evaluation five: Raymondville quality is definitely no problem, there are counters around the world, the brand is more ordinary.
  Netizen evaluation 6: Raymond Weil ranks between Omega and Longines. Most of these watches are relatively fine-tuned to the movement, but there are not many substantial improvements.
  Netizens’ evaluation 7: Raymond Weil, a newly-designed watch factory. Early CLASSICAL series products used ETA2824 and 2892-A or 2, which have their own special polishing, and there are a number of golden automatic ETA2892 polishing beautiful classics. Raymond Weil now becomes the Swiss Pioneer Watch Factory with fashionable design. A watch suitable for everyday casual straps Comprehensive rating: Samsung half Specific: Collectible value: Samsung Design: four stars Craft: Samsung half Brand: Samsung Clothing: four stars.
Recommended Raymond Weil watches
Raymond Weil Maestro 2837-STC-00659

Number: 2837-STC-00659
Series: Men’s Watches
Style: Automatic, 39.5 mm, Men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 12,200
Mirror material: anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Strap material: leather
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: Date display

Raymond Weil Maestro 2839-STC-00659

Number: 2839-STC-00659
Series: Men’s Watches
Style: Automatic, 39.5 mm, Men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 22,000
Case material: stainless steel
Mirror material: anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Strap material: leather
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: date display, moon phase

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