Where Did All The Time Go? Look At The Meaning Of The Watch

In the spring evening directed by New Year’s film master Feng Xiaogang, a song ‘Where has the time gone’ resonated widely. Even the General Secretary quoted this hot phrase in an interview with Russian media. At the Lantern Festival party, the family of the background story of the song is even more moving.

 where did all the time go? From a physical point of view, in the living environment known to mankind, time will only pass forward at a uniform speed without turning back. ‘Where has all the time gone’ is more of a sigh of life, death and death, and more of a remorse for being ineffective. In fact, everyone knows where the time is not transferred by our will. Just as the ‘Prince of Horse’ was keenly captured, a handsome and handsome young man from the three crown princes of Tota, where he was in the middle of the sea (late Shang and early week), turned into a big house (in the Eastern Han Dynasty) (500 years ago, Zhenguan Dynasty), a chubby young cadre. Even the gods in the sky will gradually grow old due to the passage of time (the end of the Shang Dynasty to the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world has been close to a thousand years, the sky is equal to three years or less), let alone the people on the ground? ‘Time is a pig-knife,’ is true.

 Human beings are a kind of romantic animals, and our minds can travel around the world without restriction and think through the ages. However, our bodies are forced to be limited by the two limitations of space and time. This cannot be said to be the sadness of human beings. In the industrial revolution that began in the 17th century, in fact, most of the efforts were used to break through the limits of space. From trains to cars to airplanes, we can not only move fast in speed, but even break through the limit of earth’s gravity at altitude. The moon can travel to the bottom of the ocean in depth. It can be said that the limitation of space is no longer a big problem. But no matter how fast we go, how high we fly, how deep we dive, time still relentlessly ticks forward.

 An accurate measure of time

 Another great initiative of the Industrial Revolution is the precise measurement and unified record of time. Ancient civilizations scattered in every corner of the earth in ancient times originally had their own unique time recording method. By 1884, Greenwich, a small town on the outskirts of London, was officially established as the standard point of world time. Since then, clocks around the world have a common rhythm. Although we ca n’t control the rate and direction of time, at least people around the world can record the passage of time through clocks together. This is the practical value of watches and clocks, and perhaps also the aesthetic and sociological values ​​implied by watches and clocks.


 As a tool for recording time, clocks have gradually become a worldwide basic consumer product. At first, exquisite handmade pocket watches were only available to noble gentry in various countries. Even the low-end version of Souscription (above) specially produced by Master Breguet could only cover the middle class and upstart class after the Great Revolution. ). It was not until the two wars of the 20th century and the further industrialization of the watch industry that this basic consumer product really entered the home of the people. After the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, the watch and consumer markets around the world were basically unified. At this time, the invention of new technologies such as quartz and electronics made watches cheaper and more accurate. Global watch sales have gradually exceeded 1 billion, which means that every 6 people on earth buy an average watch every year.

 Modern smart device

 Although mobile smart devices have become widely popular, watches are no longer the only portable timekeeping and timing tools, but the human desire for understanding the world and transforming the world condensed by the centuries-old history of clocks cannot be denied. Maybe you don’t need a watch urgently anymore, but remember the efforts of human beings to record the passage of time. where did all the time go? Don’t sigh helplessly, just let your wrist pulse and feel the rhythm of this era. Go fight! Go catch the tail of time!